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Why Hydroponics?

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Fresh, healthy and delicious produce

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Grow anywhere, year round

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Large, clean & dry harvests

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No pests, no pesticides

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Weather independent farming

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No weeds, no herbicides

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No need to "work the soil"

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Fast growth cycle

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Uses efficient LED technology

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Utilizes 90% less water than traditional farms, no water runoff

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Adaptable and scalable

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Grow a variety of crops

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Drastically reduce produce waste

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Turnkey and simple to use

Why VH Hydroponics?


Everyone deserves to eat fresh food! Our mission is to make hydroponic gardening easy and accessible. We're passionate about designing smart farming technologies and creating a healthier world.

We have industry experience – bringing commercial growing solutions to consumers across North America. Visit our CGS page (Containerized Growing System) to learn more about our large-scale solutions.

We are the original manufacturers of the Containerized Growing System - the arctic grade, mobile and turnkey solution to growing fresh vegetables and herbs in geographically remote and harsh environments. We've been in business since 2014 and our farmers have successfully grown greens and herbs in temperatures of -60F.

We're also a veteran-founded company and all of our products are exclusively designed and made in the USA!

We manufacture with a commitment to environmental, health and safety excellence, and use environmentally friendly and recycled materials.