VH Hydroponics - a Veteran Owned Ag. Tech. Company

What we do

VH Hydroponics (VHH) is a veteran-owned agricultural technology company, headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska that designs and builds growing systems to give everyone the ability to grow fresh food anywhere, year-round.

We manufacture all our gardens and farms systems in the United States in a 120,000 sq facility located in Spokane, Washington, with emphasis on commitment to both environmental, health and safety excellence.


Why we do it

It’s not about what we do; it’s about why we do it. At VH hydroponics we believe that everyone deserves to eat fresh food! Our goal is to make hydroponic gardening easy and accessible. We believe that the better we eat, the better we think. We believe that gardening education is paramount and teaching kids how to grow food will benefit us all greatly.

We're passionate about creating technologies to empower change everywhere and creating a healthier world.

We do this by designing beautiful indoor hydroponic gardens and large commercial mobile farms. The amount of water that goes into agriculture, not to mention other inputs, is just monstrous and with the rising population, it is simply not sustainable. 69% of the world’s freshwater withdrawals are committed to agriculture and that’s supposed to increase by 19% by 2050.

We build gardens and farms that not only save a ton of water (about 90%), but also create healthy bodies, minds and allow anyone to benefit from sustainable living, growing their own produce and eating fresh.


Our mission & goal

Enable local food production by creating smart farming technologies.

At VHH, we are all about creating and designing smart farming techniques to give everyone the ability to grow fresh food. We use modern technologies and apply it to an ancient practice of traditional farming in order to benefit communities, families, schools, etc. We are very motivated and excited by the current health trends in this country and our goal is to be a part of the effort on providing and promoting sustainable and healthy living, to everyone, regardless of their geographical location or the size of their house or land plot.

If you would like to know more about bringing delicious produce to your area, we can help get you started.


Our products


Containerized Growing Systems (CGS)

These are complete hydroponic vegetable production facilities housed inside of 40’ insulated shipping containers. This system allows produce to be grown anywhere, 365 days a year, virtually eliminating the expensive and lengthy supply chain. Optimized for high yield, year round production, the CGS has been deployed to several remote locations in Alaska and Canada. This system is designed in Anchorage, AK and manufactured in Spokane, WA.


The Sunny Gardens

 To complement our existing product line and bring commercial growing techniques to consumers, we have developed a cabinet-style in home hydroponic growing system.  This product allows anyone to grow vegetables indoors all year round.  A hyper local solution to sourcing the freshest produce, this mini-farm is ideal for anyone who loves gardening, desires a healthier lifestyle, loves to cook and experiment with novelty recipes or simply enjoys growing and sharing food. Our slightly larger models are designed for high volume production, ideal for teaching institutions, senior living centers, restaurants, culinary programs and large households. Wherever you are in the world, you can take advantage of all the benefits of farming in your own home and also enjoy a faster harvest, safe and clean produce and more sustainable and healthier way to live.


Our story

Sprouted seedling in Rockwool

2011. Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada. Head of lettuce - $18.

Visiting our neighbors in Canada, opened our eyes to the pervasiveness of lower quality produce in remote areas. Most produce, trucked, flown and barged for miles, arrives looking wilted

and is left with only a small fraction of its nutrients. Big advocates of healthy, local and sustainable produce, we decided to rewrite this story.

2014. Anchorage, Alaska.

We founded VH Hydroponics (VHH), an Alaskan and ever since we have been refining our product with one major goal in mind:

To provide everyone the ability to grow fresh food and to make hydroponic farming and gardening easy and accessible.

Produce grown inside a Generation II Containerized Growing System (CGS II) designed and built by VH Hydroponics

2015. Our prototype. Generation II model. 

Using our hydroponic growing system, we can empower individuals or organizations to sustainably produce high yield, quality greens, all year round, in their backyard. For the majority of 2015, we were partnering with and growing hydroponic leafy greens in our Gen II unit at Bell's Nursery in Anchorage, Alaska. This was an extremely successful partnership, as we were able to grow a large variety of greens and herbs, while restaurants and stores such as Carrs/Safeway in Anchorage, benefited from cooking with and selling locally grown produce. At the close of 2015, we sold our Gen II system to a local business - Alaska Sprouts. We are grateful to Bell's Nursery for the mentorship and an opportunity to grow as a business!

Hydroponic System in a shipping container

Generation IV Containerized Growing System (CGS IV) designed and built by VH Hydroponics

January 2016. Generation III Containerized Growing System (CGS).

Generation III was our next version model. It was a huge improvement upon the second generation model and this is where we really were able to take the hassle out of growing. This hydroponic farm was designed specifically to operate in cold climates.  This system has the capacity to grow over 23,000 pieces of produce per year.

June 2016. Generation IV Containerized Growing System (CGS) 

Recently installed in Dillingham, Alaska, Dutch Harbor, AK and Kotzebue, AK, the Generation IV CGS is an industrial-grade hydroponic fresh vegetable production system. This system is professionally engineered and designed to work functionally between -60F and 85F and has been optimized for high yield, year-round production. This system will supply you with anywhere from 23,000 to 39,000 pieces of produce per year. How does it work? Find out here.

April 2018. The Sunny Gardens - indoor hydroponic gardens for everyone.

Hydroponic system in a shipping container

Generation IV Containerized Growing System (CGS IV) designed and built by VH Hydroponics

To complement our existing product line and bring commercial growing techniques to consumers, we have developed a cabinet-style in-home hydroponic growing system.  Given their size and versatility, the Sunny Max and Sunny Pro were designed for high volume production, ideal for teaching institutions, senior living centers, restaurants, culinary programs, large households and most indoor spaces.



Who are our customers?

Our turnkey, hydroponic farming solutions allow anyone to start growing produce with ease - no farming or technical skills required. Whether you are a local store, a hospital, a restaurant, a school, a remote camp operator, an employer or a motivated individual, we can work with you on your produce needs.

Hydroponic system in a shipping container

Arctic Greens custom built Containerized Growing System Gen IV being loaded into a C130 by Lynden Air

  • Local producers or those who aspire to produce
  • Local supermarket and stores
  • Restaurants
  • Produce wholesalers
  • Community supported agriculture organizers
  • Rural villages
  • Native corporations
  • Village tribal councils
  • Non-profits and co-ops
  • Communities
  • Schools (secondary and postsecondary)
  • Senior living centers
  • Hospitals
  • Oil Companies
  • Remote camp operators

    The initial prototype of the Sunny Gardens currently located in the Anchorage Museum downtown

  • Mines
  • Lodges
  • Canneries
  • Families


Our partners

If you are looking to establish a farm in a country other than the United States, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with our partner companies, who are familiar with your area and will be able to answer your questions readily. On the other hand, if you'd like to partner with us, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you and try to figure out how we can help you bring this technoogy to your neck of the woods.

Our team

Cameron Willingham - founder of Vertical Harvest Hydroponics

Cam Willingham

"Lifelong Alaskan and gardener who decided 8 years ago to build a life out of doing what I love, growing food. Agriculture has always been a challenge up here, but we know that with dedicated people working along side an engaged community we can build a better food system. And how do I like my greens? Straight out of the shipping container."

Daniel Perpich

“The best I have ever felt and performed athletically was when I ate a considerable amount of vegetables. A salad staple at my house is my wife's ginger sesame melee with red leaf, butterhead and arugula. As such, I believe that people thrive on good nutrition. We have the technology to grow fresh produce locally and use the proceeds to support local economies."

Linda Janes

“Growing much of our food as a child gave me immense understanding of what it means to eat healthy and local. As a long time resident of Alaska, I believe that settling for produce grown thousands of miles away is not sustainable or healthy. The north can do better. It comes down to this - the healthier we live, the better we think."

Our board of advisors

John's photo

John Wanamaker


John Wanamaker is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor (Alaska Venture Partners, LLC), who has served as either Founder or CEO of companies from a wide range of industries. John currently serves as the Venture Partner for the Bristol Bay Development Fund, an early and mid stage fund, and is on the board of directors of Alaska Regional Hospital, an HCA company.  Recently he concluded his nearly 10 years of serving as a director of two privately held companies: Venture Ad Astra, which focused on acquiring and developing geointelligence technologies and companies (one of which led to a successful IPO - Immersive Media Company, which created the technology used by Google’s “Street View” mapping product); and Zulutime, a company that developed breakthrough position, navigation and timing (PNT) technologies for satellites, wireless networks and innovative indoor location-based services.

Active in his community, John donates his time to a number of organizations. He is the former Chairman of the Board of Alaska Pacific University and continues to serve as a Trustee; served on the Community Advisory Board for Totem Ocean Trailer Express (TOTE); sits as a Director of Seawolf Holdings; recently completed his service as an Honorary Commander for the 477th Fighter Group; and is a Co-Founder (with his wife Karin) of the Anchorage Schools Foundation.

John is a graduate of the University of Chicago, a Governance Fellow with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), and a graduate of the Executive Program in Exponential Technologies at Singularity University.

Jason Hoke


Jason Hoke is the Executive Director of Copper Valley Development Association, Inc. (CVDA). Previously, Jason has been the President of the Board for the Alaska Partnership for Economic Development and a Director on the Board of Copper Valley Telecom.

Mr. Hoke came to the Copper Valley, Alaska in 1996 as a teacher and administrator in Chistochina for the Copper River School District. Since then, Jason has founded and established School and Community Supports, a non-profit agency that serves adults and children with disability throughout the Northeast. Additionally, he has owned private sector businesses, served as the Tribal Administrator for Cheesh’na Tribal Council, and has experience working with federal, state, municipal, tribal, and private entities throughout the United States, in a multitude of capacities.

He is also a member of the AK Food Policy Council, sits on the Alaska Energy Authority's (AEA) Steering Committee for Biomass Greenhouses, and is heading the Regional Energy Planning for the Copper Valley with AEA.

Jason has a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology/Criminology, Masters of Science in Special Education/ Behaviorism, and Post-Graduate work in Behavioral Psychology. He lives with his wife and three children in the Willow Creek area of the Copper Valley.

Our mentors 

Mike Mosesian - Bell's Nursery   

Adam Boyd - Boyd Farms, Point Mackenzie Correctional Farms

Dr. Meriam Karlsson - Professor of Horticulture, UAF