Containerized Growing System (CGS) - mobile plug and play farm

Mobile Plug and Play Farm

hydroponic farming

everything you need to grow fresh & local produce

High Yield Produce

consistent results, year round

Quality and Freshness

non-GMO and pesticide free 

LED Technology

spectrum for optimal growth


computer controlled growing environment

VH Hydroponics

locally grown fresh produce

The Containerized Growing System (CGS) is everything you need to grow fresh, local produce, year around. No technical skills required. Grow on-site with minimal effort and enjoy your hassle-free harvest

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The System


VHH_leaf_Logo_  Self-contained, turnkey and mobile

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Works in all weather conditions, to include the Arctic

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Adaptable and scalable

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Optimized for high yield production

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Centrally controlled and automated

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Designed for simplicity and functionality

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Manufactured in Anchorage, Alaska 

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VHH_leaf_Logo_ Local produce, year round

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Nutritious and fresh

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Non-GMO and pesticide free

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Consistent, hassle-free harvest

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Cost effective. Saves thousands over shipped produce

VHH_leaf_Logo_ Ability to grow a wide assortment of crops: lettuce varieties, kale, herbs, cilantro, parsley, etc

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 Containerized Growing System (CGS)

ideal for grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants, schools, remote camp operators, canneries, communities, motivated individuals, etc

How would you feel if you could provide local, healthy and fresh produce to your students, your patients, your employees, your customers and your community?

Do you believe that food should be grown sustainably?

noun_133838Have you always wanted to operate your own  micro-enterprise?

Do your prefer high quality produce over produce that has traveled for days?

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