Services - buy or lease the CSG and grow local, fresh produce


 Bundled services

By bundling all the aspects of growing into a variety of packages, we are able to offer our customers delicious, local produce without having to worry about acquiring technical and agricultural expertise necessary for large scale production. This allows our customers to focus on benefiting from the harvest right away, without the need for costly upfront capital.


 Our service includes the following

  • System lease or purchase

  • Shipment, installation and on-site training

  • Custom planting and harvesting schedule

  • Growing supplies

    • Seeds, nutrients, packaging, branding and repair materials
  • On-site visits

    • On-call and scheduled maintenance, cleanliness (important in hydroponics) and re-supply
  • Education (classroom and hands-on training)

  • Remote monitoring and automated controls to ensure optimal growth environment

    • Nutrients, environment (PH, temperature, light) and circulation
  • Technical assistance

  • Phone support

  • Consulting and custom systems design

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