Our Advantage - grow fresh produce on-site, all year round

Our Advantage

Location, location, location

Our stand alone hydroponic system contains everything needed to grow fresh produce, giving our customers the flexibility of location. Our system can be placed anywhere with power and potable water, providing you with easy access to the harvest. The Containerized Growing System (CGS) is Arctic ready and optimized for high yield, year round production. Produce is grown on-site, virtually eliminating the expensive and lengthy supply chain. With our extensive growing experience, we guarantee to save you thousands over shipped produce.

Cost effective

Even with operating and leasing costs, our systems make it cheaper to grow on-site than to import. We also include growing supplies and technical assistance, as part of our service.

Adaptable and scalable

In spite of its tiny footprint, a single CGS will supply your business with almost 24,000 pieces of produce per year. We also include a customized planting schedule to fit your needs.

Consistent quality & quantity

Computer controlled light, temperature, pH levels and nutrition delivery, maintain optimum plant growth and consistent yield 365 per year. By being close to the source, managers can harvest only what they need, the rest will continue growing, significantly reducing the amount of produce loss.

A fresher product

Everything grown in a CGS is safe, clean, pesticide free and non – GMO. Straight from “farm” to table – this is our on-site advantage.

Benefits the community

All of our systems are assembled and maintained in Alaska. By partnering with Vertical Harvest, your investment further feeds the growth and development in our state. Whether you are a business or an individual, we can help you bring healthy local produce to your customers, clients, employees and your community.

Hydroponic butter (bib) lettuce grown in the Containerized Growing System (CGS)

The pros of hydroponic farming

Large harvests

Virtually no pests

Weather independent farming

Clean and dry harvest

Water can be recycled for land-based crops

No weeds, no herbicides

No need to “work the soil”

Shorter growth cycle

No water runoff

Utilizes less water than traditional farms

Adaptable and scalable

Grow a variety of crops

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plats in a solution dissolved with nutrients instead of soil.

Is hydroponics a natural way to grow?

There are many examples of hydroponics in nature, including crops for consumption, such as wild rice (Zizania Aquatica), Chinese water chestnut (Eleocharis Dulcis), water spinach (Ipomoea Aquatica) and watercress (Rorippa Nasturtium-Aquaticum). Another beautiful example is the water Lilly, which comes in many varieties and has been around since the early Cretaceous period. These are self-regenerating systems that inherently contain the right minerals within.

In comparison, VHH creates this type of environment by dissolving nutrients in the water. Mother nature invented the wheel, and we simply bring the hydroponic advantage to your door step.