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Hydroponic Growing FAQs

Sunny Gardens

The Sunny Garden allows you to grow your own vegetables, indoors, year-round!

Here you will find useful information, how-to videos and guides on hydroponic growing that's short, sweet and to the point.

Be sure to read up while you wait for your Sunny Garden or your hydroponic growing supplies to arrive. You'll be a much happier gardener! For more in-depth information on how to use your garden, check out the Sunny Gardens Manual V3

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How-to Videos

Easily follow along with these step by step videos as you are setting up your own garden. Check out the videos on this page or simply view them on our YouTube Channel. We also recommend that you read our FAQ page and reference your Sunny Gardens manual for more in-depth knowledge. This video series is part of the Sunny Gardens Quick Start Guide. Use this guide to learn the basics of indoor hydroponic growing and how to use your garden.

Sunny Gardens Quick Start Guide

Module 1: Unpacking Your Sunny Garden

Module 2: Sunny Garden Function Check

Module 3: Growing Materials and Supplies

Module 4: Hydroponic Gardening

Module 5: Garden Cleaning

Module 6: Garden Maintenance

Hydroponic Growing FAQs

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Hydroponic Supplies and Materials

Hydroponic Gardening

Manufacturing and Shipping

Setting Up Your Garden

Technical Questions

Email us with a question if you don’t see an answer below. We recommend that you also consult your Sunny Gardens User Manual V3, as it is filled with a ton of useful information.