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Hydroponic Growing Supplies

Order everything you need to grow beautiful and delicious vegetables, herbs and greens in your hydroponic garden. Using our easy to order form, you can stock up on just the right things, all in one place: seeds, nutrients, Rockwool, reading material, EC pens and other gardening and hydroponic growing supplies we recommend and love to use.


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Example 6 month hydroponic growing supplies starter kit:

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1 x EC pen*

1x Plant labels, reusable*

1 x Hydroponics basics book*

1 x Watering can*

1 x Gardening shears*

1 x set of pH strips 5.5 – 8.0 ( one set may last you a year)

2 x Hydro-Gro Leafy Greens Premier Nutrient blend and Calcium Nitrate 2 part formula (1lb each)

6 x Rockwool

Seed packs – up to you. You have a wide variety to choose from our recommended cultivars.

*Items only need to be purchased once in the beginning.


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Have questions about growing hydroponically? Visit our FAQ page for answers and easy to follow videos.


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