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SUNNY GARDENS – A versatile indoor garden designed for high volume production, ideal for teaching institutions, senior living centers, restaurants, culinary programs, large households and most indoor spaces.

Grow lettuce, kale, arugula, cilantro, parsley, dill, thyme, mint, basil, mizuna, mustard and most other leafy greens and culinary herbs. Satisfy your culinary curiosity with herbs and greens you can’t find in stores. Enjoy gardening and entertaining friends; inspire learning and sharing great food.

Our plug & grow design is a much simpler way to farm: no soil, no mess, no crop rotation, no pesticides, no harmful run off. Kids can help grow food and learn about gardening and nutrition – if they plant it, they eat it! Try gardening for only $1/day.


o Commercial, sturdy construction
o Beautiful design, accentuates any space
o Large plant capacity (114 plants); ideal for classrooms and gardening clubs
o Arrives fully assembled – plug & grow turnkey garden
o Only $1/day to run
o Easy cleaning, low maintenance
o Casters (wheels) for easy movement
o Tempered glass doors for safety and durability
o Programmable timer for lights, fans and pumps
o Ability to grow a large variety of vegetables
o Small footprint, fits nicely in most living spaces and indoor areas
o A true gardening experience with low environmental impact
o Made in the USA with recycled materials
o Supports American manufacturing


Sunny Pro is a versatile indoor garden designed for high volume production to satisfy the large indoor hydroponic produce demand. Due to its larger size, it is ideal for schools and teaching institutions that are eager to connect kids to their food source and demonstrate science in action. It may also be suitable for chefs looking to serve exquisite and novel greens to delight their finest customers, senior living facilities wanting to provide their residents an amazing gardening experience year round, and avid gardeners looking to continue gardening through the winter. This system costs less than a dollar a day to use in most places and can replace your trips to the produce section. At 5.5 wide, 6′ high, and almost 3′ deep, this industrial strength system is mounted on heavy-duty casters (read: wheels) to allow ease of movement throughout your location. Developed by the VHH team with 10+ years of experience growing plants indoors in the Arctic, we are confident that the Sunny Pro will provide you bountiful harvests for years to come. Made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 7920 oz
Dimensions 80 × 70 × 35 in

Specs & Dimensions

Sunny Pro Features and Specs

  • Capacity – 114 Plants
  • Dimensions – With Handles & Wheels 76H x 66 5/16 W x 33 5/16 D
  • Standard Lights – 48W LED Grow lights x 6 (288W total)
  • Seedling Light – 18W LED Grow Light x 1
  • Main Pump – 1000 GPH
  • Power requirements – 120V
  • Total Power – 436W
  • Max Amps – 3.63 amps
  • Main Water Tank
    • Size – 37” x 17” x 13”
    • Capacity – 34 US Gallons
    • Useable Capacity – 22.6 US Gallons
  • Weight –
    • Shipping – 495lb
    • Dry – 430lb
    • Running (Full) – 649lb
  • Estimated Cost per Day (@$0.10/kWh)
    Lights on 16hr/day and pumps/fans 24hr/day – $0.78
  • Exterior – HDPE (80% Recycled)
  • Doors – 1/8″ tempered glass with HDPE Frame
  • Frame – alluminum
  • Grow trays – Food grade plastic



Capacity of 114 plants

Commercial, sturdy construction

Beautiful design, accentuates any space

Large plant capacity; ideal for classrooms, senior living centers, gardening clubs

Arrives fully assembled

Plug and grow turnkey garden

Only $1/day to run

Easy cleaning

Low maintenance

Casters (wheels) for easy movement

Tempered glass doors for safety and durability

Programmable timer for lights, fans and pumps

Separate seedling area for better germination rates

Ability to grow a large variety of vegetables, starts, non-edible plants, etc

Small footprint, fits nicely in most living spaces and indoor areas

A true gardening experience with a low environmental impact

Made in the USA with recycled materials

Supports American manufacturing

Shipping & Delivery

Curbside Delivery

Sunny Pro comes fully assembled. Sunny Pro will arrive from Spokane, Washington.

The unit will be delivered to your specified location curbside. You will need to grab some friends to carry the unit indoors and place at your desired location. The unit will be delivered on a pallet.

The delivery driver will call you to make sure that you are present for delivery (deliveries will not be made if you’re not available onsite at the time of drop off).

These units are made to order. Please plan for 8-12 weeks from the date of order to when the unit ships. The unit is in transit for about 3-7 days after it leaves our factory in Spokane.

For directions on how to unpack the unit and how to select the best location for installation indoors, please consult your user manual or the FAQ page.

If you would like to arrange for your own shipping, contact us and we will do our best to work with you.


Sunny Pro has a one year manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship and materials. For more details, consult your user manual.


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